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Art of Friendship

Not Scheduled
Strong friendships give us the power to be our true selves; when we have strong friendships, we feel respected and valued and we work hard to find ways to show ...

Bouncing Back

Not Scheduled
Life is full of ups ad downs and your capacity to cope is often challenged. When the pressure is on and you have to deal with life’s big bumps, you have to a ...

Building Better Boundaries

Not Scheduled
What are boundaries? Do you have them? Do you need some? In this 4-week course you will learn the importance of boundaries, the types, how to articulate them to ...

Caregiver Connections – Coffee Group

Not Scheduled
This drop-in peer-to-peer family support group is for parents and caregivers of children or young adults experiencing a mental health concern or addiction. This ...

Confront the Discomfort

Not Scheduled
Whether we like it or not, anxiety and stress are a normal part of life, but they can also get in the way of us enjoying life. In this 3-session course, you how ...

Conquering Loneliness

Not Scheduled
Throughout life there may be times where we are feeling lonely and alone. If we are experiencing loneliness more often than not, then come and connect with and ...

Conversations that Matter

Not Scheduled
There are many conversations in our lives that matter. Sometimes it can be hard to get a conversation started, and even harder to keep the conversation going! 4 ...

Gentle flow Yoga (in-person)

Not Scheduled
Connect your body, mind and soul together with a gentle yoga flow. This is a weekly registration. Please email with your name 24 ...

Hope & Healing after Suicide Loss

Not Scheduled
Losing a loved one to suicide can often leave us feeling confused, angry and alone. This 8-week support group will provide you with an opportunity to explore a ...

Living Life to the Full

Not Scheduled
In eight enjoyable 90-minute sessions —one per week—this program helps people make a difference to their lives. Participants are taught how to deal with fed ...

Mindfulness Mondays

Not Scheduled
Is your mind full or is it mindful? Come join us Mondays to learn about mindfulness. Being mindful is about being present in the here and now while engaging in ...

Recovery College Camp 2023

Not Scheduled
Let's dive in together and learn about snip it's from all of our courses during our Recovery College camp week such as; boundaries, communication, stress and to ...

Regulating Our Emotions

Not Scheduled
Emotions are a completely normal, usually healthy part of being human. But when it gets out of control and turns destructive, it can lead to problems – at in ...

Road to Wellness

Not Scheduled
The road to wellness or recovery is not an easy path. It is a journey of reinventing how you think about yourself, your mental health or substance use, and your ...

Shades of Communication and What Matters

Not Scheduled
There are many conversations in our lives that matter.  Sometimes it can be hard to get a conversation started, and even harder to keep the conversation going! ...

Shades of Self-Disclosure

Not Scheduled
In this 2-week course, students will explore the benefits and risks of self-disclosure to help inform what to share, when to share, and to whom and how trust is ...

Summer Solstice Meditation and Yoga Retreat

Not Scheduled
Align and Balance your body mind and soul with some yoga and meditation. Feel the peace and serenity by nourishing your soul in nature at Lions Park in Medicine ...

Taming Your Thoughts

Not Scheduled
Mindfulness means being present, and fully engaged, with whatever we’re doing at the moment. We are free from distraction or judgment, and aware of our and up ...

Whispers of Wellness – Coffee Group

Not Scheduled
Grab a cup of coffee and join us for a discussion about mental wellbeing. This is an open group for people living with mental illness or mental health is an you ...